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Customized Ride Maps

Connor Houston

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Connor Houston

Connor is passionate about maps and the many different stories they can tell. 

Marrying the art of cartography to the foundational data where all maps begin is an endless fascination for him. So when a friend asked if all his rides in and around Durham Forest over the Pandemic could be mapped, Connor couldn't refuse the challenge. 

If you want to create your own personal map as a kudos to yourself for the rides, runs and achievements you have made, whether it's been over the Pandemic, a specific year or multiple years, contact Connor.
Custom maps start at $300 and include:
  • One high quality 24x36 poster print.
  • Geographic Area covering Durham Forest, Dagmar North, Walker Woods and Glen Major Forest
  •  All your activity data, including data cleaning and corrections (GPS locations are never 100% accurate always)
  • Custom statistics of only those activities showcased on your map.
  • Any personal photos you'd like to include on the map.
*Custom sizes, frames and canvas can be created to suit your artistic tastes. 
*Different geographic areas can be accommodated as well.
* The simplest way to share your achievements and data with Connor is a Strava archive. Just send him the link and he will do the rest. 

Twitter: @reach_above
Instagram: reach.above