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It Spoke To Me - Up-cycled Wheel Creations

Catherine McDonald-Smith

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Catherine McDonald-Smith

I've always been drawn to unique and colourful items so when I began looking at some of the used bike wheels strewn about the shed (my husband is an avid cyclist) destined for the scrap metal bins, I had an idea.  The original thought was to create vibrant bike wheels as a type of suncatcher.  However, as time went on, I realized that the special touches of the wheels were lost when backlit so I decided to create pieces that worked best on walls or as uprights.  This allowed me to pursue my creative side even more fully.

The pieces are created from 100s, 1000s? of pieces of used jewellery and objects that I have found, bought and dismantled from thrift stores here, there and around the world.  Our passion for cycling and climbing takes us to distant lands far and wide so I am always looking for something to give my pieces more heart, more soul. I would say the final wheels are made from approximately 90% of upcycled materials.  

The entire idea spoke to me as did the play on words so it was only appropriate that I call my studio 'IT SPOKE TO ME'.  I truly hope my pieces speak to you, as well.  Not one bead rests its little beady head on my wheels without a lot of consideration.  As far as I can see they are truly one of a kind.

Catherine McDonald-Smith
Oshawa, ON